Izbjeljivanje zuba

teeth whitining treatment

Izbjeljivanje zuba

In recent years Turkey has shock the world by achieving significance success in health sector regardless of global pandemic and local restriction Turkey made it possible for people who are looking to get medical assistance for themselves. Turkey has always been on top when talking about the best dental practices at an affordable cost. Not only smile makeover, restoration and implants but teeth whitening is also one of the most demanded treatments for people who want quick results and generally have healthy teeth.

Before applying whitening gel or bleaching dentist or technician will apply protective shield or rubber like shield to your gums so it will be protected from bleaching solution and gel it’s relatively a very short process and hardly require 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

Even the gum is protected by shield and gel while performing whitening treatment there is still a chance that your gum will be sensitive to bleaching solution you might feel like a burn in your gum also extensive use of whitening kits at home may harm your gum and teeth. Always consult with dentist before using any product for whitening.  

Latest techniques

Laser whitening is the latest technique in dentistry. It’s believed to be the most effective way to get whiter and brighter smile in a short span of time without having to have your teeth file down or shaved for as it is required for veneers and crowns.

Age limit

Apparently, there are different clinics that have their own policies and condition for a tooth whitening, smile makeover treatment and for any other treatment they provide. It’s recommended to wait until turn to 18 because your gums become sensitive to get and bleaching solution.

Treatment complications

Apart from the tooth sensitivity there is not any other major complication which causes difficulty for person. It’s just a process to give you a brighter and whiter smile which can also be achieved by using whitening toothpaste and other products but none of them are as effective as whitening.

Advantage and disadvantage

The most obvious is the whitest and brighter smile which can last 2 years if taken care properly, apart from aesthetic change other advantages including killing the bacteria which cause bad breath.

Disadvantages can be soreness in gums, increased sensitivity in tooth and damage the surface of tooth due to the chemical used in bleaching. 

Recovery time or healing time

It’s not a surgical or invasive procedure which requires time to heal the process can hardly take maximum 45 minutes to complete and you can see the results instantly. 

The best part of teeth whitening treatment that it does not require to wait for results as soon as the treatment ended you will see the difference your new look with whiter and brighter smile.

After one year it needs to be done again you can do that in home by using clinic prescribed whitening gel unlike porcelain veneers it does not last long. Every year it needs to be re done to keep the whiter and bright smile.

People might feel soreness and sensitivity in gums this is due to the chemical used in the procedure although some people have gum issues which increase sensitivity in where bleaching and gel solution is applied.

Side Effects

Damage the surface of tooth due to the chemical used in bleaching extensive use of bleaching and gel solution might weaken the teeth surface. 

It’s not a process which require and surgery or any incision grinding and shaving all it requires is to apply the gel on teeth and you get the smile you desire which boost your confidence and enhanced your appearance.

Turkey Cost price

Cost of teeth whitening procedure in Turkey said to be way more less than any other country. It generally starts from $250 to $350 depending on which option and which clinic you choose to go for.


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