Nehirurška rinoplastika

non surgical rhinoplasty

Nehirurška rinoplastika

What is a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, otherwise known as fillers, is a procedure in which the nasal bridge and tip are reshaped and corrected via the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers.

This is a great option for those seeking a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty surgery. The treatment is less evasive though temporary.

Am I the right candidate for fillers?

Fillers are a great option for those who have a less protruding aesthetic fault. For example, a small bump on the bridge or a slightly flat nose. Adding volume to these areas will provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance that is harmonious with the rest of your facial features. You can even narrow a wider nose or add height to a flat one. Those with droopy tips can also benefit from fillers.

Your SALUSS doctor will undergo a consultation with you to discuss your aims and objectives. After reviewing the results and coming to a pleasing result, you will undergo the procedure.

How are fillers performed?

Your doctor at SALUSS Medical Group will perform a non-surgical rhinoplasty, or fillers, by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers in the areas that need correcting. These areas will be discussed by your doctor during your consultation.

It takes around 15 minutes and is highly effective. The results of fillers are indistinguishable from a surgical rhinoplasty which makes it an ideal alternative to those who cannot undergo surgery.

​When can I see the results and how long do they last?

The results are seen almost immediately after undergoing the procedure. There is no need to postpone any physical activity or work either. Results are however temporary, and last around 4 to 18 months depending on the technique.

Are there any risks while getting non-surgical nose job?

For most of us, fillers are a painless and quick procedure performed under local anaesthetic. SALUSS will perform all the necessary checks to see if you are in good health and can undergo the procedure.

Why should I choose Saluss?

SALUSS provides a precise and concise treatment plan for you to review before coming to Turkey. We will transfer you and from the airport as well as from the hospital to the hotel for free. Translation services are provided whenever you need, and hotel accommodation is included in your package. You will be staying at a 5* beachside hotel in the beautiful Turkish resort city of Antalya, with bed and breakfast, pools, and a bistro. Along with all that, SALUSS provides all the medication you need for your recovery process and give free aftercare to make sure you are well and sound.

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